• Glee - taken from Glee episode(s)
  • QH - Taken from Quartie Headcannon
  • QEA # - Taken from Quartie Ever After, chapter #
  • ISS # - Tanen from I'm Still Standing, chapter #
Year: Time: Event: Note: Source:
 1990   Frances "Franny" Fabray Born She is 4 1/2 years older than Quinn Glee / QEA
 1994   Quinn Fabray Born  Assuming she was 16 in the fall of 2009 Glee
 1994   Artie Abrams Born

He was 8 when he has his accident and was in his wheelchair for 8 years, making him 16 in the spring of 2010

Glee - Wheels / Dream On
 1999  Fall? Quinn and Artie Meet  They were five QH
 2001  October Artie's Accident  He was 8 years old Glee
2002 Fall  Artie is held back

Because he’d missed so much school because of his accident, Artie has to repeat the 3rd grade. This explains why he was 16 years old as a freshman.

 2003   The Fabrays move away Artie and Quinn eventually lose contact QH
 2005  September Quinn Starts Middle School In Fairbrook Glee
 2006  September Artie Starts Middle School in Lima in Lima Glee
2008 Summer Quinn transfers back to Lima after her dad gets another promotoion She gets a nose job, dyes har hair and goes on Proactiv in order to transfer herself into someone different. Glee
2008 Fall Quinn Begins her freshmen year Transfers back to Lima Glee
2008-09 Winter Quinn is promoted to Captain of the Cheerios after the previous captan fell and broke her leg doing a stunt QEA
2009 Early Summer Quinn begins dating Finn Hudson After chasing after him for several months, Quinn finally succeeds in getting the Quarterback to be her boyfriend Glee
2009 Fall Artie begins High School at McKinley. Tina Cohen Chang is is his best friend Glee
2009 Fall Quinn begin's her Sophomore year Quinn retains her title as Captain of the Cheerios and is still dating Finn Hundson Glee
2009 Early Fall Mr. Schue takes over the Glee Club

* After long time glee club teacher Sandy Ryerson is fired for inappropriate contact with a student, Mr. Schue convinces Principal Figgins to allow him to restart the the glee club, which he renames The New Directions.

* He gets 5 new members from tryouts: Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Artie Abrams, and Tina Cohen-Chang.

* After Rachel threatens to quit if he doesn't get him a male lead who can keep up with her, Mr. Schue plants pot in Finn's locker and blackmails him into joining Glee Club. 

* Rachel, who has a crush in Finn, is thrilled and after their first rehearsal with him, Finn replaces Artie as male lead

* Quinn and Noah Puckerman (Puck) try repeatedly to get Finn to quit because other students think he is gay for joining glee club

Glee - Pilot
2009 Early Fall Quinn becomes pregnant

* Quinn gains almost 2 lbs and is publicly shamed during her Cheerios weigh in.

* Quinn and Puck witness Finn and Rachel alone in the auditorium and realize the "real reason" Finn stays in glee club.

* Puck takes her home and intentionally gets her drunk in order to take advantage of her, taking her virginity to win a bet and because he thinks it would be funny to deflouer the Queen of the Chastity Ball.

* Quinn lets him because she is drunk and insecure about her weight.

* That weekend Quinn and Finn make out in a hot tub.

Glee - Preggers / QH
  Fall Quinn, Santana, and Brittany join Glee

Quinn wants to keep an eye on Finn and Rachel.  Sue convinces the three of them to become her spies and sabotage the Glee Club from within.

Glee - 
2009 Fall Quinn finds out that she is pregnant

* Quinn finds out that she is pregnant about a month later

* Quinn convinces Finn that he is the father even though they have never had sex by telling him it happened when they were making out in the hot tub.

Glee - Preggers
     Quinn is kicked off of The Cheerios  When Coach Sue finds out she's pregnant from JBI, she unceremoniously announces it to the whole glee club and kicks her off of The Cheerios.  
2010 May Regionals The New Directions fail to win Regionals. Sue convinces Figgins to give them another year anyway.  
2010 May Beth is Born Quinn gives birth to Beth, she and Puck agree to give her up for adoption to Shelby Corchran, Rachel's birth mom  
2010 Summer Quinn is Post Pardum  Over the summer, Quinn goes into a deep postpardum depression. She will not leave the hoise or even get out of bed. Artie camps out at her house with his x-box and keeps her company and supports her until she is able to work through it and eventually gets to the point where she can begin living her life again QEA
 2010  Summer  Tina attends Asian Camp with Mike  Tin accuses Artie of ignoring her all summer and dupps him, then begins dating Mike instead  Glee - Audition
2011 Spring Finn Breaks up with Finn for the final time   Glee - Funeral
2011 Spring The New Directions Compete in Nationals They take 12th place Glee - New York
2011 Summer Quinn goes off the deep end She dyes her hair pink, begins smoking, gets a tattoo of Ryan Seacrest, and begins dating a much older man.  
2011 Fall Quinn begins her Senior Year She joins "The Skanks"  
2011 Fall Artie begins his Junior year He misses Quinn  
2011 Fall Quinn goes off the deep end    
2011-12 Winter Quinn is admitted to Yale    
2012 Spring Quinn Is Temporarily Paralyzed

* Quinn gets into an accident when she texting while driving on her way to the Finchel wedding

* She is temporarily paralyzed

* Quinn and Artie become close

* Arie tries to tell her that the life that she may have to embrace isn't so bad, she pushes him away

* Quinn's physical therapy isn't going so well. Her new friend Joe from God Squad begins going with her to help.

* Quinn eventually gets to the point where she can stand again, she swears Joe to secrecy because she wants to to be a surprise.

Glee - On My Way through Prom / QEH / ISS
   May The ND Attend Prom    
 2012  June Quinn graduates high school    
 2012  September   Quinn begins attending Yale University     
 2012  September   Artie begins his senior year

He meets Cheerleader Kitty Wilde

He pisses Tina off by picking Blaine as The New Rachel 

Artie cheers Finn up and directs Grease. Ryder and Kitty are recruited into The New Directions

 2029 Saturday, June 2 Beth Corcoran Graduates High School    QEA
   Monday, June 4 Quinn and Artie agree to become parents    
   Friday, June 8 Quinn and Arie begun trying to get pregnant    
   Friday, June 15  

Quinn takes her first pregnancy test and is upset when it's negative

Artie Meets with Antonio over script notes

Quinn meets with Mercedes and tells her about their plans to have a child

Quinn does not join Artie in bed because she's on her period, confusing him

  June 16-22 Artie has casting sessions and meetings all day every day.  

Monday, June 18, Santana auditions for Artie’s move. Artie and Santana catch up over lunch

Thursday, June 21, Quinn and Artie resume trying to get pregnant

Friday, June 22, Quinn and Artie have dinner with Santana and Brittany

Saturday, June 23, Quinn takes another pregnancy test which is also negative. They almost kiss. Artie has several meetings with production people

Sunday, June 24, Artie confronts Quinn about her behavior and she finally admits what's wrong.

  Friday, June 29   Quinn and Artie decide to redouble their efforts because she was ovulating, but he's impotent  
  Wednesday, July 5   Artie is no longer impotent but Quinn is also no longer ovulating  
  Friday, July 6   Antonio and Linda want Artie to approach Quinn about the Donna role, but he doesn't think she is right for it. Antonio pulls rank.  
  July 7-16   

Monday, July 9 - Artie admits he didn't talk to Quinn

Tuesday July 10 -

Antonio approaches Quinn directly

Quinn and Artie get into a big fight about it

Wednesday, July 11 -

  • Artie talks to Santana
  • Santana talks to Quinn and shows her the script

Thursday, July 12

  • Artie and Quinn reconcile
  • The character of Donna is finally cast

Friday, July 13 -

  • Artie and Quinn visit their doctors
  • Deadline for the role of Donna to be cast
  • Artie and Quinn attend a Directors Guild event and are pictured being more than friendly

Saturday, July 14 - Tabloids publish pictures Artie and Quinn being more than friendly and rumors circulate about them being together

Sunday, July 15 - Frannie Fabray comes to visit Quinn and Artie

Monday, July 16 - Pre-Production begins on The Reckoning.

Quinn and Artie return to their doctor's office for their test results

Tuesday, July 17 - 

Wednesday, July 18 - Someone leaks information about Quinn and Artie trying to convince a child. Rumors continue to swirl. Antonio questions Artie's professional judgement

Thursday, July 19 - Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, and Franny have a girls’ night. Artie, and Sam go out for drinks

  July 7-13      
  July 14-20      
  July 21-27      
  July 28-29      
  Monday, July 30  

Filming set to start on The Reckoning

  July 31      
  Aug 1- 3      
  Aug 4-10      
   Aug 11-17      
   Aug 18-24      
   Aug 25-31      
   Sept 1-7      
   Sept 8-14    Friday, September 14, Principal Photography on The Reckoning Ends  
   Sept 15-21    Quinn and Artie finally confess their feelings for each other and make love for the firer time.   
   Sept 22-28    (September 25 - Quinn conceives)  
   Sept 29-Oct 5      
   Oct 6-12      
   Oct 13-19      
   Oct 20-26    Quinn finds out she is pregnant  
   Oct 27-Nov 2      
   Nov 3-9      
   Nov 10-16      
   Nov 17-23      
   Nov 24-30      
   Dec 1-7      
   Dec 8-14      
   Dec 15-21      
   Dec 22-28  

 * Beth visits Lima during her college holiday break. Quinn takes her to lunch 

* Quinn and Artie spend Christmas in Lima with their families.

  Dec 29, 2029 - Jan 4, 2030      
2030  Jan 5-11    * The Glee Club throw Quinn a baby shower   
   Jan 12-18      
   Jan 19-25      
  Jan 26- Feb 1      
   Feb 2-8      
   Feb 9-15      
   Feb 16-22      
   Feb 22- Mar 1      
   Mar 2-8      
  Mar 9-15      
  Mar 16-22      
  Mar 23-29      
  Mar 30-Apr 5    Artie proposes to Quinn  
  Apr 6-12   Quinn visors Mr. Schue in Lima and asks him to givd her away (she is 6 1/2 months pregnant)   

Apr 13-19

  Apr 20-26      
  Apr 27-May 3      
  May 4-10      
  May 11-17    Quinn and Artie get married   
  May 18-24      
  May 25-31      
  June 1-7      
  June 8-14    Quinn gives birth.   
  June 15-21      
  June 22-28      
  June 29-july 5      

July 6-12


July 13-19

  July 20-26      
  July 28-Aug 2      
  Aug 3-9      
  Aug 10-16      
  Aug 17-23      
  Aug 24-30      
  Aug 31-Sept 6      
  Sept 7-13      
  Sept 14-20      
  Sept 21-27      
  Sept 28-Oct 4      
  Oct 5-11      
  Oct 12-18      
  Oct 19-25      

Oct 26-Nov 1

  Nov 2-8      
  Nov 9-15      
  Nov 16-22      
  Nov 23-29      
  Nov 30-Dec 6      
  Dec 7-13      
  Dec 14-20      
  Dec 21-27      
2031 Dec 28 2030 + Jan 3, 2031      



Sat - Fri

June 2-8

June 9-15

June 16-22

June 23-29

June 30-July 6

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Quinn Fabray


Hollywood actress and former high school New Directions Glee Club Member

Artie Abrams

Hollywood director and former New Directions Glee Club Member

Mercedes Jones

Close friend and former New Directions Glee Clubmate of Quinn and Artie. Mercedes is now a professional musician.


Mercedes Jones’s husband

Sam Evans

Foremen Glee Club Member and friends

Santana Lopez

Former New Directions Glee Club Member and friend of Quinn and Artie. She is a professional actress, singer,and dancer. She is married to Brittany Piece.

Brittany Pierce

Former New Directions Glee Club Member and friend of Quinn and Artie. She is a professional dancer and choreographer. She is married to Santana Lopez.

Beth Corchran

The biological daughter of Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman. Beth was adopted by Shelby Corcoran shortly after her birth. The story begins at her high school graduation.

Shelby Corchran

A former show choir coach who adopted Quinn’s daughter Beth. Shelby is Rachel Berry’s biological mother.


Executive Producer for Artie’s movie, The Reckoning.


Casting Director for Artie’s movie, The Reckoning